Benjamin Moore Gentle Gray Review

benjamin moore gentle gray laundry room
Image and design: Spacecrafting Photography / Bria Hammel Interiors

Blue-gray paint colors like Benjamin Moore Gentle Gray are a big trend in interiors right now. These soft, calming hues are being used everywhere from laundry rooms (I chose a similar shade, BM Smoke, for ours), to trim work, to exteriors.

It’s not hard to see the appeal. These pretty colors are a lovely alternative to neutrals, but they share the sophisticated feel thanks to neutral undertones. They’re the perfect way to dip your toe into color, or update a room with a fresh-traditional, calming, or coastal feel.

With so many blue gray hues on the market, though, picking the right one can be overwhelming. I probably went through 10 paint samples for our laundry room, and another 10 for our dining room, which is also a blue-gray shade called Benjamin Moore Wales Gray. While I chose different blue-gray paint colors for my own spaces, Gentle Gray was a top contender for both. Here’s an overview of this silvery blue shade.

Benjamin Moore Gentle Gray Review

benjamin moore gentle gray color swatch
Image via Benjamin Moore

Gentle Gray is part of the Benjamin Moore Classics collection, along with other gorgeous neutrals that remain a staple in home design. The soft gray has a moderate but visible blue undertone, resulting in a versatile color that fits many decor styles. It is an ideal way to add depth to a room while still introducing a touch of freshness. 

What color is Gentle Gray?

benjamin moore gentle gray wall

Gentle Gray belongs in the blue-gray color category. According to Benjamin Moore, Gentle Gray is a pale blue with a touch of gray.

When you look at the paint swatch, the color looks blue, but you can notice the gray undertones., but depending on the lighting in your room and how your space is decorated, the color can read either more blue or more gray. This is why I always a good idea to test it out with a paint swatch. (I love Samplize peel-and-stick paint samples!).

What is the LRV of Gentle Gray?

Gentle Gray comes with an LRV of 57.2. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of LRV, it is an indicator that reveals how much light the color reflects.

The LRV, or Light Reflectance Value, is measured on a scale from 0 to 100, where 0 is black, and 100 is white. It is an excellent indicator for comparing colors to see which one is lighter or darker.

With an LRV of 57.2, Gentle Gray is somewhere above the middle, meaning it is a mid-tone paint color. The color has some depth but brightens a room thanks to its higher light reflectance value. 

What are the undertones of Gentle Gray?

blue gray bedroom
Image via Bria Hammel

Gentle Gray by Benjamin Moore is a cool-toned paint color.

As I mentioned, it’s a pale blue with gray undertones, but it also has some green to it in certain lighting. It’s perfect if you need a cool paint color to compliment your space. It is a soothing shade that complements many styles, creating a serene, relaxing ambiance. Pair with crisp whites or off-white to create a coastal color scheme for your home. Also, it pairs perfectly with warm-toned wood to create a cozy ambiance.

Remember that the type of natural lighting can bring out the undertones differently. North-facing rooms receive bluer light which makes the color cooler.

On the other hand, south-facing rooms have warm light, which tends to bring out the warmer undertones in paint colors.

Before you decide to commit to painting color, it would be best to sample it first. You can see exactly how it looks under the specific light and color scheme. 

Where to use Gentle Gray?

Gentle Gray is a fresh and modern choices for an updated space. The pale blue with a hint of gray is a versatile choice that works with many styles and decor schemes, including coastal spaces, kids rooms, and fresh-traditional homes.

It’s also a nice choice for bathrooms and bedrooms, since blue is known for its calming properties, creating a serene, relaxing ambiance. It decreases stress levels and lowers blood pressure, providing a good night’s sleep.

However, the calm nature of this color doesn’t have to limit its implementation. Feel free to add a subtle coastal feel to your living room and create a relaxing gathering space. Or you can paint your kitchen cabinets in Gentle Gray to introduce freshness and elevate the color scheme. It’s also perfect for updating the front door and enhancing the curb appeal. 

What colors go with Gentle Gray?

Gentle Gray is a versatile color for cutting sophisticated and serene color schemes. It pairs nicely with cool whites, mid-tone grays, and off-whites. 

Oxford White

A color scheme consisting of cool white and Gentle Gray brings sophistication to the space. Oxford White from the Benjamin Moore Classics collection is ideal for the blue-gray tone. It is a classic stark white with a subtle cool undertone. Its high LRV of 86.69 tells us it is a bright white. 

Englewood Cliffs 

Gentle Gray pairs nicely with mid-tone grays if you prefer moodier color schemes. Englewood Cliffs is the perfect match for the blue-gray tone. The low LRV of 23.83 is a clear indicator of how dark this color is. Gentle Gray elevates this color with its fresh vibe, creating a perfect color scheme for house exteriors. 

Mountain Peak White 

Mountain Peak White belongs in the Off-White Collection by Benjamin Moore. It is a crisp white with barely creamy notes, and it perfectly comments the blue-gray. This color combination conveys a tranquil coastal feel to your home. 

Grand Teton White

Grand Teton White is another warm tone from the Off-White Collection that perfectly complements Gentle Gray. It is off-white with warm undertones that add a touch of comfort. Its cozy vibe perfectly balances the slight cool hint in Gentle Gray. An LRV of 75.33 makes it a great choice to add depth but keep the space looking bright. 

What colors are similar to Gentle Gray?

blue gray laundry room
My laundry room, painted Benjamin Moore Smoke, a color similar to Gentle Gray.

Feather Gray, Metallic Silver, Silver Half Dollar, Smoke, Wales Gray and Sweet Innocence are paint colors similar to Gentle Gray. Although they might appear the same at first glance, they have key differences. The similar colors differentiate with less blue undertone presence and vary on the LRV scale. If you need lighter or darker tones than Gentle Gray, check out these options.

Feather Gray

Feather Gray will be the perfect alternative if you’re looking for a color that tends more toward gray than blue. It is a cool gray that depicts the plumage of a seagull. With an LRV of 58.3, it is mid-tone gray and has slightly more depth than Gentle Gray. 

Metallic Silver

Metallic Silver is a light gray with a tiny hint of blue. With an LRV of 57.22, it is in the same place as Gentle Gray on the value scale. However, the difference between these is in the presence of the blue undertone, which is more prominent in Gentle Gray. 

Silver Half Dollar

Silver Half Dollar is a gorgeous light gray with silver undertones. Its LRV of 56.9 indicates it is a mid-tone but slightly darker than Gentle Gray. The difference lies in the presence of the blue undertone. Silver Half Dollar has less of it, looking like a light blue with a cool undertone.

Wales Gray

Wales Gray is a popular Benjamin Moore blue-gray that has a touch more green to it, while Gentle Gray leans a bit more blue/purple. Wales Gray is also a touch darker than Gentle Gray, with an LRV of 53.


If you’re looking for a color like Gentle Gray that has a touch more blue, try BM Smoke. It has a nearly identical LRV as a Gentle Gray, but the blue undertones are slightly more prominent. It also has a very subtle hint of green.

Benjamin Moore has a wide selection of gray paints to choose from.

The most popular gray shades are generally warmer greige shades, with a few cooler gray tones mixed in. These are Benjamin Moore’s best-selling grays in 2023:

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