3 Home Decorating Blogs That’ll Fill Your Young House Love Void


Is anyone else out there a huge Young House Love fan and just devastated that John and Sherry Petersik have called it quits?

(I hope there are a few yes answers among the crowd so I don’t feel like such a stalker.)

I didn’t read YHL everyday, but it was one of those blogs I would forget about for a few weeks, or even months, and then when I’d stumble back to it, I’d end up spending an hour on the site reading all the posts I’d missed in one sitting because they’d just suck you in like that.


But, the Internet is a vast place, so lucky for me there are more home renovations, overshares, and DIYs where the Petersiks come from. While I mourn, here are the blogs that are filling my void.

1. Bower Power. If you’ve been a reader of YHL for a while, then you’ve heard this blog mentioned on their site. It’s written by Katie Bower , a Georgia wife and mom, who’s an avid DIY-er, super-crafty, and pretty hysterical to boot. Like the Petersiks, the Bowers have chronicled more than one home renovation (they’re currently on their second), so lots of fun project posts over that way.

home blog - bower power
The Bower living room. Cute, eh?

2. View Along the Way. This blog is written by a lovely lady named Kelly. It’s a personal/home/DIY blog, and I just love it because everything is just so soul-warmingly pleasant: her marriage, her home, her ugly “befores” and stunning “afters,” her paid-off mortgage (I know! She paid off her mortgage and I don’t feel like a jealous hater? How can that be? It’s because she is just so nice, you guys!). It’s like escapism to pleasantville, and I like every minute of it.

home blog - laundry room before after
Whose laundry room is this cute?

3. Elements of Style. I’ve professed my love for this blog, written by Erin Gates, before, so I figured my little list wouldn’t be complete without it. I mostly just read Erin’s blog so I can figure out what I should be wearing/sitting on/looking for in a perfect throw pillow. The girl knows her style. She’s also been chronicling the renovation of her home for the past year or so, which is drool worthy and envy-inducing, but also very entertaining.

erin gates living room
The Gates living room.

That’s pretty much my list for regular reading, but help me out … do you know any great blogs that I’m missing?


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  1. Wow, SO honored to be on this list! Thank you SO much Kaitlin! <3 <3

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