Loloi Rugs Review: About the Brand, plus the Verdict on my Chris Loves Julia x Loloi Rug

The Loloi Humphrey rug from Chris Loves Julia in my family room

Looking for an honest Loloi rugs review? As someone who has worked in and written about the home decor industry for more than 12 years, and an owner of a number of different Loloi rugs, I have a lot of info to offer on this topic.

I first encountered Loloi rugs when I worked at Wayfair way back in 2014. Loloi, along with Surya, nuLoom, and Safavieh, represented a large majority of the rugs that were sold by the site at that point. Since I worked as and editor and style spotter for Wayfair’s Joss & Main brand, part of my job was to help buyers curate style-specific collections, so I got to know the Loloi offerings well. I also got a number of chances to visit the Lolois rug showroom in High Point, North Carolina during High Point Market.

Because I’m so familiar with the brand, and because I love all the Loloi collaborations happening lately, I also tend to buy lots of Loloi rugs for my own home.

If you’ve only recently been introduced to the Loloi rugs brand through social media, keep reading for everything you need to know about this major rug manufacturer.

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What is a Loloi rug?

A close up of the Loloi rug in my living room

It may seem like Loloi is only recently blowing up as a brand, but in reality, Loloi is one of the largest rug manufacturers in the US. The company has been around since for decades, it’s just that for most of its history, many consumers didn’t recognize the brand by name.

That’s because Loloi rugs are usually sold through third-party retailers like Wayfair, Overstock, small home boutiques, HomeGoods, RugsUSA, etc., as well as through interior designers. Shoppers would buy the rugs and most often associate the rug with the brand they bought it from, and not so much the manufacturer.

That all changed about 10 years ago, when Loloi started doing collaborations with major interior designers and interior design influencers. From Magnolia Home, to Chris Loves Julia, to Amber Interiors and more, it seems like Loloi has a rug collection with most of the top home influencers of the moment.

These collaborations started to lead to lots more brand recognition for Loloi, and now Loloi rugs have become “a thing.”

What brand collaborations does Loloi have?

A rug from the Amber Lewis x Loloi Collection

As I mentioned, Loloi has all sorts of collaborations with designers and influencers.

Currently, they offer rug lines with:

Each of these collections has its own vibe, which I love. I feel like it makes the rug shopping process easier if you can choose things designed by an influencer whose style you love. It whittles down the options.

Are Loloi Rugs Good Quality?

As far as major rug brands go, Loloi tends to be on higher end of affordable, but they also offer a better quality product. I find them to be a great compromise between quality and cost.

Loloi has a range of rugs, so some are more expensive than others, but in general, all of the rugs I have bough have held up over time.

Loloi makes its rugs by hand in India, and are Goodweave certified, which means they’re products as part of a transparent supply chain using fair labor. Some of the brand’s rugs are also Oeko-Tex certified, which means they’re better for the environment both inside and outside the home.

My Loloi Rugs Review

A peek of the CLJ Humphries rug in my family room

I’ve had a few different Loloi Rugs in my home over the years, and currently have one from the Chris Love Julia Collection in my family room.

Chris Loves Julia Humphry CloudPile Rug

I have a Loloi x Chris Love Julia rug in my family room, and I love it. It’s a Loloi CloudPile rug, which is a super-soft polyester fiber, so it’s perfect for a family room.

It’s literally the softest rug I’ve ever owned. Honestly, it feels like one of those high-pile fleece blankets.

My kids love laying on the floor and playing on it, and it’s also durable and easy to clean. I highly recommend Loloi CloudPile rugs for kids rooms, bedrooms, family rooms, and playrooms.

Another plus is that it doesn’t shed at all, which is something that I often experience with area rugs.

Not all of Loloi’s rugs are CloudPile, though. A lot of them are a jute/sisal blend, or made of wool or cotton.

Personally, I prefer a jute/sisal (or blend), wool, or polyester rug over cotton, since they’re more durable, and Loloi offers high-quality options in each of these categories.

What I really bought my CLJ x Loloi rug for, though, was the style. I’m a big fan of CLJ’s refined traditional style, and the rugs are a great complement to homes that tend to follow a modern-meets-traditional design scheme.

Again, like I said, that’s one of my favorite parts of the Loloi collections – I usually start my rug shopping with one of the collaborations from one of my favorite designers (personally, mine are Chris Loves Julia and Jean Stoffer).

Overall, I’ve always been very happy with my Loloi rug purchases, and commonly recommend the brand to friends and readers.

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