The 15 best organization products on Amazon

It can be kind of hard to find the best organization products on Amazon. Not because there aren’t any. But because there are thousands and thousands to choose from. It can be tough to know what to look for, and how to find the good stuff amongst the one-billion items on the site.

I’ve done quite a bit of research into Amazon’s home organization products, both through trial-and-error ordering (I’m a big fan of decluttering my home on a regular basis, and I’m always on the lookout for ways to make my organization routines stick), and while writing organizing articles for various websites and magazines. Also: I watch a lot of TikToks about Amazon finds. Can’t forget the TikToks.

Because of all this. I’ve found some pretty great organizing essentials on Amazon, for literally every area of my house. I’ve bought organizers for my kitchen, closets, laundry room, kids rooms, and kids’ playroom.

The great thing about that: To write this post, all I had to do was look in my Amazon order history for a neat little lists of all the home organizers I’ve purchased ….

The best organization products on Amazon

My spice drawer.

I’ve started with Amazon kitchen organizers, since that seems to be the area I organize most, personally, and then added finds for the playroom, bathroom, closets and more.

1. Spice drawer shelving

Amazon has an amazing selection of kitchen organizers. One of my all-time favorites is this spice drawer shelving. It’s wood, so you can cut it to fit your kitchen drawers.

2. Spice jars & labels

Going along with #1, these spice jars and corresponding labels have been one of my favorite Amazon organization finds. I swear more people are impressed with my spice drawer than any other area of my home.

3. Spice jar risers

If you don’t have a dedicated drawer, I also love spice jar risers that allow you to see all your spices on a shelf without taking everything out.

4. Lock-top pantry containers

These are great for storing flour, sugar, baking soda, etc. They’re similar to the OXO pop-top containers, since the lids “lock” in place, but they’re less expensive. Again, I just use my label maker to label each container.

5. Pantry lazy Susans

I have a form of these in almost every cabinet in my kitchen. Again, they make it easy to see everything in the cabinet so you don’t have to dig through things to see what’s in the back. I also use smaller versions in my bathroom.

6. Clear plastic pantry bins

These are great for grouping like items together in your pantry. It’s not only helpful when you’re looking for something for a recipe, but also when you’re making a grocery list because you can quickly look in the bin where you keep say, your tomato paste, to see if you need to restock or not. I label each bin so I remember where everything goes.

7. Quakehold Gel / Museum Putty

Say what? This one may seem odd, and I almost forgot about it since it’s not a traditional organizing essential, but this clear putty works great for holding drawer organizers in place (no more sliding around!). You just put a small amount of the putty at the bottom corners of your drawer organizers, and they stay put when you open the drawers.

8. Cabinet storage racks

I love these because they basically double the space in your kitchen cabinets. I have one for my coffee mugs, one for kids lunch boxes, and one for mixing bowls.

9. Acrylic monthly calendar

I have this calendar hanging in our family command center/ homework area, and it’s great. I bought it for looks, since it hangs in a highly visible area of our home, but it’s also the perfect size to keep track of school deadlines, appointments, birthday parties, etc.

10. File storage

I bought this after we got rid of the desk in our kitchen, which has a built in filing cabinet. I love that this can turn any cabinet into a filing cabinet, since I keep a file for each kid with their school papers, medical documents, name labels, etc.

11. Mesh zipper bags

I saw this one on TikTok. You can use these mesh bags in your playroom/area to store Lego sets with their instructions, puzzles, board game pieces, etc. Genius.

12. Fabric storage cubes

I use these in my linen closet to store washcloths and hand towels, as welll as sheets and pillowcases by size. ( I just stuck a label on each bin for the item it houses).

13. Bunk Bed Storage Shelf

I recently got bunk beds for my two boys, but one thing I didn’t factor in was where my older son, who has the top bunk, would store things like his water cup, books, and drawing materials (he likes to calm down at night by coloring). Enter, this handy caddy, which hangs off the side of the bed and stores everything he needs.

14. Drawer dividers

I’ve tried lots of drawer dividers, including the ones you slide into the drawers and “lock” into place. But these are my favorite. The locking versions never stayed in place for me, and I like that I can create different configurations with these for different drawers.

15. Over-the-door shoe organizers (but not for shoes!)

I’m sure these work great for shoes, but I use them for all kinds of things that aren’t footwear-related. I have one in our playroom to hold art supplies, and another in our coat closet to hold seasonal must haves we grab when running out the door, like mittens, hats, swim goggles, sunscreen, etc.

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