9 Classic Front Door Colors For White Houses

My house currently, with a black door and no shutters

We recently redid the siding on our house, which naturally opened a can of worms about all the other elements of our home’s exterior, like the shutters and of course, the front door.

Our front door had always been painted black, because we live in a white colonial that had dark green shutters. The house is still white, even with the new siding, but we took the shutters down. And if I put them back up (still unsure at this moment), they won’t be dark green. So I feel like that opens up a lot more front door color options now, and I’ve been thinking all about the various shutter and front door combos I could use.

Because we live in a traditional white colonial, I want to stick to more classic colors, like beige, black, white or blue. BUT, I’ve gone on an inspiration-finding deep dive, just to make sure there wasn’t some other perfect color out there that I hadn’t thought of. If you’re on your own journey to find the perfect front door color for a white house, here are my top picks, plus the most gorgeous inspo photos I’ve found.

9 Classic Front Door Colors for White Houses

1. Black

Image: Studio McGee

I mean, you can’t go wrong with a black door on a white house. Black is my favorite front door color for white houses, because I personally love high-contrast style, and it’s just such a classic and timeless choice. You can see how it also works equally well with two totally different architecture styles, above.

Colors to try: Benjamin Moore Onyx, Benjamin Moore Black Beauty

2. Greige / Taupe

Image: CoverMeInIvy

Greige is one of the colors I’ve been leaning towards for our own home. It’s a gorgeous, lower-contrast option than black, that still has a similar neutral, timeless vibe.

Colors to try: Farrow & Ball Dropcloth (on the house below), Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

3. Soft Gray

I think gray works best as a front door color in cases where the house has enough warmth otherwise to balance it, like the house above. Warmth generally comes from wood trim or accents, a cedar roof, ample landscaping, brick patios or pathways, etc. If you home is simpler, gray can end up looking too cold.

Colors to try: Benjamin Moore Paper White, Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

4. Light Blue

Design: Lauren Conner; Image: jallsopp / birminghamhomeandgarden
Image via KssBelle

If you want to add a pop of color to your home’s exterior without doing something too bold, I love a soft blue-gray. It reminds me almost of a storybook house.

Colors to try: Wales Gray and Smoke, both from Benjamin Moore.

5. White

White might seem like a “boring” or safe front door color for a white house, but I think it’s gorgeous if it’s done right! I think the key with the white-on-white look is that the house has to have enough architectural interest otherwise, i.e. the one above. I also like this choice for a modern farmhouse with board-and-batten siding.

Colors to try: Simply White or White Dove, both by Benjamin Moore

6. Hunter Green

Hunter Green is a classic front door color for white houses, especially historic ones. It’s especially popular in New England, and gives off a stately, elegant vibe that’s reminiscent of town greens and cathedral churches.

Colors to try: Sherwin Williams Dard Hunter Green

7. Medium Blue

Pretty much all shades of blue work beautifully for a front door, but another of my favorites is a medium-toned gray blue. The combo sort of reminds me of delft blue pottery.

Colors to try: Benjamin Moore Providence Blue, Benjamin Moore Blue Danube (on top house)

8. Sage or Green-Gray

A green-gray is the color I’m leaning towards for my own front door, because it feels like a neutral but is a bit more unexpected than black or greige.

Colors to try: Farrow & Ball French Gray, Benjamin Moore October Mist

9. Bright Yellow

Design: Fergus Garber via Parker Kennedy Living

Sunny yellow is one of my favorite shades for cottage-style white homes or gambrel houses because it matches the sense of whimsy.

Colors to try: Farrow & Ball Dayroom, Benjamin Moore Sun-Kissed Yellow

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